lilicaalguém sabe falar em portugues? me ajude nesse site lilicahits@hotmail tenho um trab de Freud sobre o caso de Emmy e gostaria de ajuda

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I do not speak Portuguese, but I am guessing that you either also know how to speak English or you used a translator, such as Google Translate. The case you are referring to was a famous case where Freud gave the patient the pseudonym of Emmy. She was a patient while Freud was developing his methods, using hypnosis, suggestion, and talk therapy. Here is a link to the enotes page on the subject.
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i would advise you to use google translate but what is the site if we want to help because i can volunteer to help you if you dont mind!

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I'm sorry, I do not speak Portuguese.
But you can use "translation."

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Anyone know how to talk in Portuguese? Help me on that site lilicahits@hotmail i have a job of Freud about the case of Emmy and I would like to help