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"Like I said, as long as it makes you long as it's what's best for you" - Edward "S not the same thing" - Bella This is at the end of Chapter 24 ("An Impasse"), where Bella is drifting to sleep from her medication. Edward says he will stay with her as long as it makes her happy. But I do not understand Bella's reaction; saying it's not the same thing. Can anyone explain what Bella means?

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After James has injured Bella and she is in the hospital, Edward is trying to reassure Bella that he will stay with her. He wants her to rest and heal.  She wants assurances that he will not leave her.  Part of the reason you are having difficulty with Bella's responses is that you are ignoring the last part of Edward's statement.  Edward says:

"'I will,' he promised. His voice was beautiful, like lullaby. 'Like I said, as long as it makes you happy... as long as it's what's best for you.'"

"I tried to shake my head, but it was too heavy. "'S not the same thing,' I mumbled"

The part of the statement that Bella is responding to is that section which reads, "as long as it's what's best for you."  There is a big difference in telling someone you will stay with them as long as it makes them happy and saying as long as it is what is best for them.  Someone may feel that they are happy with a person when it is not necessarily what is good for them.  Edward is saying as long as Bella is safe he will stay.  Bella wants an unconditonal commitment.

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zumba96 | Student

Edward is kind of foreshadowing what he will do in New Moon which is when he tries to stay away from her to protect her from him and other vampires. Bella believes she will be the happiest if he is with her no matter what evil is chasing them. She wants him to know also that her happiness is not related to her safety.

udonbutterfly | Student

For me Edward is eluding (foreshadowing) to what is going to happen in New Moon. Edward says that he'll stay if it makes her happy but he'd have to leave if the relationship they are in would jeopardize Bella's safety. However, the way the sentence is structured makes it seems as if they are in the same thing. Bella calls him out on it and tells him that staying for her happiness and leaving her for her safety are two different things. We all know Bella's happiness relies is all most any and everything dangerous so she's making him aware that her happiness has nothing to do with her safety.

totally-me | Student

Its not the same thing because edward said two things he says "as long as it makes you happy... as long as its best for you" those 2 thing he said were the things that were different. He was on about staying with her, if he stay as long as she happy that will be forever unless she goes off him but as long as its best for her is weather he thinks hes putting her in danger like the James incedent he wouldnt want vampires to attack her again so he is basically saying if something happen to her again he would leave so shes safer which she doesnt want

cheekeymonkey1 | Student

she said that because she knowes that Edward thinks he isn't right for her and that if he thinks he is to dangerous he will leave even though she dosen't think he is dangerous.