Like many other O. Henry's stories, "The Cop and the Anthem" illustrates the irony of life. Explain how?

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The key irony is that Soapy, the main character, is trying to get thrown into jail so that he can have a warm place to stay but cannot seem to get arrested for a series of attempts at being a minor criminal.  Soapy hears an anthem coming from a church that reminds him of his better days and decides not to rely on the charity of the police and a warm jail cell, but to turn himself around to become a productive citizen.  It is at that precise moment he is arrested for loitering by the church.  Just as Soapy decides he doesn't want to be arrested after all, he is arrested.  The minor ironies occur throughout the story.  He thinks if he goes into a restaurant and orders a big meal, then doesn't pay, he'll get arrested.  However, he is turned away from the restaurant before he can...

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