In "The Cockroach" by Kevin Halligan, the narrator looks for purpose in his life.  How do the cockroach and the narrator find a parallel purpose?

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In “The Cockroach” by Kevin Halligan, the narrator ends the poem by telling the reader that he sees himself in the insect.  What an indictment of self-worth! The poem reflects the movements of a “giant” cockroach as it moves across the floor with the speaker watching him.  The simplicity of the poem encases the parallel experiences of man and insect.  

When the poem begins, the cockroach seems to move with deliberation.  As the insect moves next to the wall, it suddenly seems  to have an attack and begins to move erratically.  It flops over as if to scratch its wings and circles the table leg until it moves onto a shelf to climb on and contemplate what to do next.  In an odd analogy, the speaker compares the cockroach to a criminal who has committed a terrible crime and is receiving its punishment. 

The narrator...

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