Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief

by Rick Riordan
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In Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, what news does the headmaster at Nancy Academy send to Percy's mom?

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Percy Jackson is a boy attending sixth grade at Yancy Academy, a school for "troubled kids." Percy believes he has attention deficit disorder and dyslexia. He consistently finds himself in trouble at school and seems to have an especially difficult time with field trips. On his most recent field trip, Percy is blamed for pushing Nancy Bobofit into a fountain (although he does not recall actually pushing her). Strange events keep taking place, but Percy seems to be the only one aware that they are happening. In the second chapter of the book, the headmaster of Yancy Academy sends a letter to Percy's mom stating that Percy will not be allowed to attend the school the following year. His poor grades and impulsive behaviors are to blame. However, this comes as no surprise to Percy, who seems to be kicked out of every school he attends.

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Early in Chapter 2 the headmaster at Yancy Academy sends Percy’s mother a letter. It informs her that he won’t be invited back the following year to the school.

This is for a combination of academic and behavioral reasons. Academically, Percy’s grades have gotten worse. He wasn’t doing well before the supernatural events in Chapter 1, but now he is failing his classes. Behaviorally, he’s getting in trouble for how he acts with both fellow students and teachers. He’s getting in fights with the students, and mouthing off to the teachers. The final straw is when he calls Mr. Nicoll “an old sot.”

Now, symbolically, the letter also informs Percy’s mother that despite her efforts, her son really doesn’t fit in the mundane world. However, the letter does not literally say that.

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