In To the Lighthouse, what are examples of different kinds of love as Freud defines love?

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The different types of love are based upon three distinct things: 

Decision/Commitment-you know you love someone and you want to maintain that love.

Intimacy-you feel close and connected

Passion-a strong drive involving sex, romance, or being close

Using these three main components, we get the different types of love. 


Companionate Love-intimacy + decision/commitment

Empty Love-decision/commitment

Fatuous Love-passion + decision/commitment


Romantic Love-intimacy + passion

The purest form of love is Consummate Love, and it is made up of all three of the love components:  decision/commitment, intimacy, and passion. This type of love gives us the kinds of loving relationships that last a lifetime because they are stable, strong, and well-founded.  Consummate love carries people through the happy/sad, the ups/downs, the joys/sorrows, and all the in-betweens.   It is the best kind of love to have and also the hardest to attain!