In the short story, "The Life You Save May Be Your Own," what do you think is the significance of the peculiar clouds and storm that pursue Mr, Shiftlet on his way to Mobile at the end? 

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In most literature, storms and bad weather usually symbolise either some malevolent act or event or act as harbingers of doom. A storm provides the reader with a sense of foreboding.

In this story, it is significant that the storm follows Mr Shiftlet as he drives towards Mobile, since it symbolises two important issues: Firstly, Mr Shiftler is trying to get away from the pernicious evil he has done in the previous town when he deceived Mrs Crater into believing that he had honest intentions by marrying her handicapped daughter, Lucynell, when he had in fact, deviously manipulated her to steal their car. He had repaired and painted the vehicle and was now in the process of stealing it. He abandoned Lucynell at a diner when she fell asleep at a table when he had promised that he would take her to a hotel after they were married. His sole intention was to get hold of the car and this was clearly obvious from the outset.

Tom T. Shiftlet, as his name appropriately suggests, is a shifty,...

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