In Life of Pi, what's a good thesis for the theme "Coming of Age?" "Coming of Age": Defining moments in our lives.

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The "coming of age" novel is called a "Bildungsroman." This is when the main character matures, has moments of self-discovery and this can involve a mental and/or physical journey.

In Life of Pi, you have a situation where the main character finds himself in a situation where he must “come of age” in order to survive. “Coming of age” frequently means a progression from childhood to adulthood and usually takes place during adolescence. It can refer to sexual maturity, the age of self-awareness and responsibility or it is marked by some ritual or life event. In Pi’s case, his defining moments are the events he endures subsequent to the ship sinking. His “coming of age” moment is not just a typical progression of child to adult. If the ship had made it to Canada, he would have had a difficult time at first, being an immigrant, but he would have been faced with the typical rigors of being a teenager,...

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