In Life of Pi, what were the 5 most important events in chapters 1-8?

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In no particular order, we can isolate the following as being important plot points in Chapters 1-8:

1.  Pi had a double major in zoology and religious studies at the University of Toronto, and excelled in both fields.  These interests have been with him for his entire life, and as the book progresses we learn why, and how different people in his life have influenced him in different ways to pursue these studies.

2.  We learn that he spent a good deal of time in a hospital in Mexico – that he was in a severely weakened state, and malnourished – and that he has gone through some terrible hardship with someone named Richard Parker.  As the story progresses, we learn in detail what he has been through.

3.   We learn about Pi’s name:  how a close friend of the family, an exceptionally talented competitive swimmer, studied in Paris and talked often about the many swimming pools in the city.  Pi is named after “the only pool that made Mamaji fall silent, his memory making too...

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