In "Letter from Birmingham Jail" by Dr. King, how many paragraphs constitute the introduction, middle, and conclusion?

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I think that the number of paragraphs is going to be a relative concept.  With the transmission of speeches and writings to the web, strict paragraphing entirely followed.  We can trace the structure of Dr. King’s letter in specific terms, though.  The introduction to the letter consists of the opening address to whom King refers in the assertion that King and his followers’ actions were “unwise and untimely.”  In reference to other organizations, the introduction comes to a close.  I would say that the middle begins with the idea that Dr. King is in “Birmingham because injustice is here.”  This helps to launch him into an explanation of the cause and the need to fight for social justice.  This “middle” goes on for quite a bit.  For my bet, the conclusion of the letter begins with the simple sentence, “I must close now,” as Dr. King concludes in demanding that all members of society- White and Black- fully heed the call for social equity and to hear the cries of others’ sufferings in making Southern society, and in turn all of America, recognize its promises and possibilities in creating a system of equal treatment for all.