Write a letter to a bank manager, reporting him about a pocket picking incident with you when you were there to submit your school fee.PLZ help me as soon as posible....  :)

Expert Answers
wannam eNotes educator| Certified Educator
I'm a little confused by the topic; I'm not sure why you would be paying a school fee at a bank. However, I can assist you with the format your letter will need to take. Since you are writing to a professional about his business, this will need to be a formal letter rather than a personal letter. You will need to include your address and the bank address at the top of the page before you begin your letter. Next, you will want to begin the letter with "Dear Sir" or "Attention Bank Manager" (unless you know the actual name of the person in question). I would start the body of this letter with some general information about when and what occurred at the bank. Then, you will probably want to give a detailed account of the incident. Finally, you will likely want to include what you want the manager to do about the incident. For example, you could say that you would appreciate his help in reporting the incident to the proper authorities or you could say that you simply wanted him to be aware of the incident. Remember to conclude you letter with a closing like "thank you for your time and attention" and sign the letter. See the link below for more infomation on the appropriate formatting of a formal letter.