How would I write a letter of admiration to a pharoah? What kinds of admiration things would be in it?

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You might need to first pick out the pharoah.  You might choose Cleopatra VII who captivated Julius Caesar, outwitted her siblings for the throne, and greatly increased the wealth of Egypt.   You might choose Ramses II for his building of great monuments in Egypt such as the Temple at Karnak or the Nubian Abu Simel.  Choose one, do some research as there is much information available on Egypt's pharaohs, and then write to them as if you were writing to a president using a formal style, and explain your reasons for your admiration of their accomplishments.  Be  sure to include the list of accomplishments and how these have earned your admiration.  The hardest part may be to choose just one pharaoh as there are so many who accomplished great things.  Be sure to look up the formal style of letters as you would not use phrases you would use with your friends. 

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