let u and v be two vector in a vector space V.show that  span (u,v)=span (u+2v,u-v)

pramodpandey | Student
Spans are sets, and as such, in order to prove they're equal, we show
`w inspan{u,v}<=>w in span{u+2v,u-v}`
Suppose `w in span{u,v}` . Then there exists real a and b such that

( write au+bv=c(u-v)+d(u+2v) and solve equations by comparing coefficients for c and d . Expand, and you'll see that you get the original expression .)
Tthis proves that span{u,v} is a subset of span{u + 2v,u - v}.

Now, let's suppose we have a`w in span{u+2v,u-w}` .Then there exist a and b such that:

Hence span{u + v, u - v} is a subset of span{u, v}. Since each is a subset of the other, they are equal.
{`A sube B and B sube A => A=B `   }