Let me know what you find interesting in the website about digital commerce listed below.  http://digitalenterprise.org/

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It might make it easier for you to get a better answer if you ask a more detailed question.  Are you looking for what is interesting about the design of this page or about the content?  If this is about the content, are you interested in some particular area of the course?

My first impression of the site was that I did not know what to do.  I didn't realize at first that the square in the middle was the way to access the content.  But I liked the little tag that says "Start" and I liked how there's the little arrow going around inside telling what each topic is.  It's catchy.

As for the content, it looks like it is very detailed and very thorough.  The ideas are well explained with lots of relevant links.  It is, of course, a very timely topic since so much of business and management is dependent on the internet today.

I hope that's of some help.  Please clarify if you need something different.

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Well, it just require us to go over that site and see what is the interesting part about it.....and i need to get an idea from someone, in order for me to have a detailed answer. here is my opinion about the site...

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