lessons Katniss learnedkatniss learns a great deal as she struggles to survive and win in the novel. what would be one valuable lessons Katniss learnes during her search? how can we learn from her...

lessons Katniss learned

katniss learns a great deal as she struggles to survive and win in the novel. what would be one valuable lessons Katniss learnes during her search? how can we learn from her experiences?

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Katniss was forced to learn how not to be presumptuous. I know because of her situation in District 12, having to be the "bread winner" so to speak for herself and her mother and sister, she took on the role that was left vacant due to the death of her father. When she went into the arena this presumptuousness, although she was aware that the careers were teaming up to try and take everyone out, she never gave way to thinking that this could ever be true of Peeta and herself because of her assumptions about him. This was partially, as I see it, because she tried to distance herself from any emotional connection since at the time only one was to survive the Games. As it became apparent what was happening, since Peeta was by far smarter than Katniss, she was willing to at least play the game.

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I think one of the biggest lessons she learns is that in the interest of survival the has to sacrifice part of who she is to protect what she hopes to become.  If she sticks to her ideas the capital will anhillate her, but if she plays a role she has a chance to protect her family and her district... even if it isn't the way she wants to.

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I think that lmetcalf worded it perfectly. With everything that Katniss must face in the games, she fails to be the person she stated she needed to be in the beginning. Katniss does not become the heartless murderer she thinks she needs to become to survive. Her humanity supersedes her survival instincts and she creates a relationship with Rue. Later, in the series, this relationship proves to have be something which allows her to become even stronger as the series goes on.

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I think to be cynical one of the lessons that she learns during her struggles in the arena is the importance of playing a part. She learns from Haymitch that the only chance she will ever have of winning the games is if she not only endures but also projects an image of herself that will win her support from the citizens of the various districts. It is all about image.

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Katniss also learns that even though she is a deadly battle for her life being pitted against all of the others, there is still a part of her humanity that can't dismiss human relationships. She befriends, while she can, the young girl Rue, and of course, she establishes a huge bond with Peeta, and that bond ultimately saves them both.

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Survival is fundamental to human nature. We all strive to survive, even if we are willing to sacrifice ourselves in order to save others. I'd say one of the main lessons is that if you want something badly enough, and are not going to give up, you can accomplish almost anything against impossible odds.

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