Lessons for ChildrenWhat are some lessons for children in The Princess and the Goblin?

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The biggest lesson from this book is knowing who to trust and who not to trust.  Irene had to have faith in and trust her grandmother, but not trust the goblins.

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When referring to the text, you need to quote the "proof" from the text. Follow this format for responding:

1) name the book

2) topic sentence = your point

3) name the chapter

(4) name the author

(5) quote the "proof" from the text

(Pg) cite the page

(6) introduce your quote

(7) conclude your point - wrap it up by asking "so what?"

(1) In the Princess and the Goblin, (2) there are many lessons, one being that spoiled children forget how to amuse themselves. In (3) chapter two (4) MacDonald writes, (5) "She got very tired, so tired that even her toys could not amuse her" (Pg 6). (6) MacDonald goes on to write about how curious the reader would find her behaviour as she had many toys - toys that most readers would never have. "You would wonder at that (her being tired of her toys) if I had time to describe to you one half of the toys she had" (Pg 6). (7) MacDonald's lesson to the reader is that too many toys spoil the child and dampen the imagination. With too many amusements, a child may never learn how to amuse him or herself.

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Some lessons that children could acknowledge or learn from the Princess and the Goblin would be to always listen to your elders and not wonder off by yourself to places where you have never been or seen, since the worse might happen and get they might end up getting lost. Hopefully though most children that read this book should al ready know these things, and if not they should learn and remember.

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some lessons for children in the princess and the goblin are not to go outside alone at night and that not stranger you meat is a creap


 Some things that small children can learn from this book is to try to not stray too far even if your hipnitised by the beauty of nature...kidding...A kid could learn that not every stranger is bad but they should still be carefull

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