What lesson does Thoreau use in describing the bug in the wood?

Expert Answers
price7781 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In Walden, Thoreau uses the image of an egg becoming a bug emerging from a 60-year-old table to show how change can occur, and that one’s true self can be resurrected and become renewed.  Like his isolation at Walden Pond changed and molded him into a person who lived his life “meanly”, so too can anyone learn to live the life they are meant to have.  For the small egg, it was destined to become a bug. Even though it took 60 years for it to happen, it did achieve its destiny or true being.  Thoreau’s pilgrimage to the shack in the woods shows the beginning of his transformation.  He, too, is like an egg waiting to discover himself.  And, even though he leaves Walden Pond for new adventures he says he is destined to find, he does “find himself” and matures and evolves into a different person through his experiences.  Like the egg that turned into a bug, Thoreau’s former self is altered by living alone in the woods of Walden Pond.