Leninism Compare Leninism to Marx's orginal theory.

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Lenin's version of Marxism was designed to fit his needs, and Stalin was even worse. Like most socialists, Stalin took the parts he could use to control his people and take the power and privilege, with the government owning everything and the people owning nothing, instead of the people collectively owning everything.
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Marx argued for a mass uprising of a self-conscious industrial proletariat. When they were completely alienated from the means of production, they would overthrow the bourgeoisie, their opressors. But this would happen at an advanced stage of industrialization.

Lenin, on the other hand, adapted revolutionary Marxism to realities in Russia, which was not at the same developmental stage of industrialization, and had an enormous peasant class, which tended to be conservative. Marx had referred to French peasants as "sacks of potatoes," believing that they would never be a self-conscious class. Lenin thus concluded that a communist revolution would be brought about not by a massive worker's revolt begun by workers themselves, but by a revolutionary vanguard of intelligentsia led by a man like himself.

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