Lemuel Gulliver,surgeon to the Antelope,sets sail to the South Sea on May 4 1699. At first the voyage is without any mishap.What happens then?

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rrteacher eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The voyage seems to be at first uneventful, but after entering the South Sea, disaster strikes. The ship was struck by what Gulliver remembers as a "violent storm," which blew them off course. Eventually, the ship struck a rock and sank, and Gulliver, along with some other survivors, scrambles onto one of the ship's boats. His boat is overcome by the huge waves, and he washes ashore on an island, where he falls asleep, overcome by his exertions. When he awakes, he is lashed to the ground by small cables, and surrounded by tiny people, "not six inches high." He is in Lilliput. 

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