In The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, how does Ichabod take great care of himself before the Van Tassels' party?

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Ichabod Crane spent extra time getting ready for the party at the Van Tassel farm.  He even let his students out from school early so that he could have time to ready himself with meticulous care.  First, he brushed his only suit (the color was a "rusty black").  Then he finished preparing himself in front of a broken mirror, which hung inside the schoolhouse.  He wanted to impress Katrina Van Tassel, so he borrowed a horse from a farmer to ride to the party.  It was an old farm horse, which had been used to plough fields.  Burrs filled the horse's mane and tail, which were also tangled.  Ichabod wore a small woolen hat and a black coat.  

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