Legally, what happened to Brent?

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Because he was driving under the influence when he caused Lea Zamora's death, Brent is charged with DUI (Driving Under the Influence) and manslaughter.

Brent's parents hire a lawyer and a psychologist to argue against Brent being consigned to a juvenile detention center. After hearing arguments in court, the judge puts Brent on probation. According to the terms of his probation, Brent must receive alcohol counseling, participate in therapy to address his depression, volunteer in an emergency room, and if desired, meet with Lea's family to discuss restitution. This is what legally happens to Brent in the aftermath of the accident.

Mrs. Zamora decides to meet with Brent, but her husband refuses. During the meeting, Mrs. Zamora explains that, having lived through tumultuous times in the Philippines, she isn't interested in retribution. Instead, she tasks Brent with the responsibility of ensuring that Lea's beautiful and generous spirit lives on.

To accomplish this goal, Brent is asked to fashion four whirligigs in Lea's image and to deposit them in the four corners of the United States: in Maine, Florida, Washington, and California. Mrs. Zamora maintains that the joy people will receive from the whirligigs will help preserve Lea's selfless legacy for years to come.

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