Is it legal for employers to impose term limits on employees?

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Since the relationship between an employer and an employee has not been based on such limits, there areĀ  questionable reasons for an employer to impose "term limits" on an employee.

Employers may establish conditions or time limits governing the employment of employees. A contract or work agreement spells out employee rights in the given job, such as the right to work in a safe environment or the right to join a labor union or organization without fear of reprisal, and employment conditions set out by the employer, including hours to be worked, reimbursement for work, vacation and leave provisions, and "the duration of the worker-employee arrangement." A contract may create an employee-employer relationship for a specific period of time or may continue until notification is given by one of the parties of intent to end the relationship. "Term limits" open a new and uncertain aspect of employment.