Legacy4 have lumen(elemen light), precognition, animal telepathy. 6 have invisibility, elemental manipulation, elemental absorb.

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You've left out telekinesis.  All the Garde have the ability to move things with their minds.  It is a power that begins once their first legacy has surfaced.  It usually happens about a week after the first legacy appears, although in number 4's case it took almost a month to appear.  The legacy's only seem to appear during times of great emotional stress.  In other books from the series, we learn that these legacies can even appear for the first time when they Garde are cornered by the Mogadorian.  Such was the case for number 1 who could develop a seismic shock-wave in the ground.  She discovered this ability when her Cepan was killed and she stomped the ground in grief and anger.  Number 4 has a similar experience with several of his legacies.