In Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, what social event was added to Maycomb's social calendar, and why was it created?

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As Halloween approaches in October, 1935, the community decides to put on a Halloween carnival and pageant at the high school. The decision to do so is based on an elaborate practical joke that was played on the Barber sisters the previous year. In an effort to keep the youngsters from playing tricks on Halloween, the community decides to give the kids of Maycomb a treat.

Apparently, children of the community got tired of hearing from Miss Tutti and Miss Frutti Barber about their wonderful and only basement in town; so, they moved the sisters' furniture into said basement. The deaf sisters vowed that they heard the burglars during the middle of the night and demanded that Sheriff Tate call out the dogs to search for their missing furniture. When the furniture was found in their basement without any suspects, the community realized it was not a burglary, but a big prank. Scout explains the rest as follows:

"So the Maycomb ladies said things would be different this year. The high school auditorium would open, there would b a pageant for the grown-ups; apple-bobbing, taffy-pulling, pinning the tail on the donkey for the children. There would also be a prize of twenty-five cents for the best Halloween costume, created by the wearer" (252).


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I think that you are talking about what happens in Chapter 27.  This is when the ladies of the town decide to have an organized Halloween event at the high school auditorium.

There was going to be a pageant and there would be various games and there was going to be a contest for the best costume, as long as it was made by the person wearing it.

This was done because there were worries about crime.  This was especially true after the Barber sisters had their home burgled.  Because of this, the ladies seem to have thought it would be better not to have the kids out running around.

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