In Lee's To Kill a Mockingbird, how does Scout help Boo Radley?

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In the novel, Boo Radley saves Scout and Jem from Mr. Ewell, and he earns the gratitude of both Atticus and the children.

When Sheriff Tate and Atticus discuss the aftermath of Mr. Ewell's attack and Jem's possible culpability for Mr. Ewell's death, Boo Radley is present. However, because of his shy ways, Boo doesn't join in the conversation. Scout instinctively knows the reason for his reticence, and she's respectful of Boo's quiet ways. With a compassion and sensitivity beyond her years, Scout quietly leads Boo to the farthest corner of the porch, where he will feel more comfortable in the shadows. Scout doesn't judge Boo; she helps him by extending him the gentlest of courtesies, but she doesn't make any effort to change who he is or to cause him discomfort.

After Sheriff Tate and Atticus decide on the best course of action regarding Mr. Ewell's death, Boo gets ready to leave. Before he leaves, however, he nods towards...

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