Lech Wałęsa

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How successful was Lech Walesa's actions?

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The original question had to be edited down.  I would suggest that Walesa's were quite successful.  They acted as the agents of change in a time when little change was evident.  Walesa was able to rally workers on a grass- roots level to petition the Polish government to embrace change in how it viewed its people.  Another way in which Walesa was successful was in the number of times he and his colleagues were arrested and imprisoned.  The Soviet Government considered him a threat.  They would not have perceived and treated him in such a manner unless he was successful in what he was doing.  Describing himself as a "democratic dictator" is another way in which Walesa's actions could be seen as successful.  Millions of Polish citizens embraced Walesa, what he was doing, and the Solidarity movement's purpose.  The Nobel Prize is yet one more indicator that Walesa's success was evident.  In these examples, it is clear that Walesa's actions were successful in articulating the need for change and the working class experience of Polish citizens.  Throughout the 1980s and ushering in the fall of the Soviet Union, Walesa's actions were quite powerful and highly successful.

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