At least 1 specific example of how the RM department, through the use of incident reports, could help to improve the overall quality of care provided to patients in the hospital.

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The Risk Management (RM) department can later on do the root cause analysis of the incident and will take necessary steps to overcome the factors responsible for the errors. Hece it will decrease the incident rate in future, thus improve the over all quality of health care.

Eg: The RM dept received a report that many patient visitors have slipped down near the main drug counter in the past 2 weeks which ultimately increase some tension between the staff and the patient attendants. On investigation the RM department came to know that the sweeper timings has been changed 2 weeks back and he used to mop the floor during visitor hours and some times this wet floor is responsible for these incidents. The RM department changed the timings of the sweeper and the problem resolved.


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