Is learning how to avoid procrastination a long and complex process. TRUE OR FALSE ?complex process

Expert Answers
stolperia eNotes educator| Certified Educator

For someone who has a tendency to procrastinate, possibly the hardest step of all is getting started on the process of learning methods that will lead to change in this characteristic. In any case, there is no one correct answer to your question. Learning to avoid procrastination will be easier for some people than for others, and will prove impossible for some individuals. The difference would be a factor of the level of motivation to break the habit and the amount of committed effort devoted to learning new patterns.

The process of ending the procrastination habit would involve setting goals for oneself to begin a project or other activity and rewarding oneself when that goal is achieved. If one can learn to reduce the amount of time spent procrastinating by starting on projects without excuses and hesitations and rationalizations, one can find self-confirmation and satisfaction in completing projects without the anxiety produced by procrastinating until the last possible minute before a deadline.