Learning Disabilities in children with dysfunctional parenting (substance abuse) Ages birth to 12. What Journals could I use?Are boys affected more than girls or vice versa? What learning...

Learning Disabilities in children with dysfunctional parenting (substance abuse) Ages birth to 12. What Journals could I use?

Are boys affected more than girls or vice versa? What learning disabilities, if any, do we see?  I'd like to focus on birth to 12.

I am a graduate student in a Research Methods class and I need to do research on a topic of interest to me. I need to

use Journals.

When raising boys and girls in a dysfunctional family (substance abuse), do we see learning disabilities?


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besure77 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Here is an excellent definition of what a learning disability is and some characteristics:

A child with a learning disability cannot try harder, pay closer attention, or improve motivation on their own; they need help to learn how to do those things. A learning disability, or learning disorder, is not a problem with intelligence. Learning disorders are caused by a difference in the brain that affects how information is received, processed, or communicated. Children and adults with learning disabilities have trouble processing sensory information because they see, hear, and understand things differently.

Taking this into perspective it seems that children are not taught to have learning disabilities but may learn behaviors that cause them to not function well in school. A learning disability occurs because of an imbalance of communication somewhere in the brain. The only way that I can see a learning disability may be directly correlated to substance abuse is if a mother was using drugs while pregnant and damage was caused to the fetus.

Another website you can visit to get information on psychological journals is the American Psychological Association website listed below.

ako6777 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

A learning disability is an inherent problem.  It is a different way of learning due to a processing deficit.  It is not caused by home environment.  Home environment may impact attitude towards school, ability to do homework and desire to learn.  Home environment can cause a child's academics to be weak and mimic a learning disability, but it can not cause a learning disability.  Now if the mother was using drugs during her pregnancy, that may impact the child's ability to learn.  Many studies have shown the cigarettes, drugs, and alcohol can be detrimental to a fetus.

Journals that might be helpful are:

  1. Journal of School Psychology
  2. Journal of Educational Psychology
  3. NASP School Psychology Review
mkcapen1 | Student

I am not so sure that we see learning disabilities more in boys or girls, but since I am a special education teacher I can speak to my classrooms.  I usually have far more students than female students.  I do not know why but it has been that way for years.

One of the things that people used to believe was that learning disabilities were only found among drug users children and the poor.  While there are many children affected by the mother's use of drugs, research is showing that environment, exposure to pesticides and other contaminants in the environment, prenatal care, the use of drugs or alcohol, all play a role in the development of disabilities.

However, there are many children whose parents are middle class and have not done drugs and have received excellent prenatal care who have children with disabilities.  I am one of them.  My daughter did not learn to read until she was 13.  She still has trouble with reading.  She is dyslexic but she is also a insurance executive.

The journals that I read range from the ones listed by the other editor and the Social Work Journal.