In "The Leap," at what point does the narrator first introduce a detailed flashback? What is the source of the narrator's information and what does she learn?

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In the short story, "The Leap," by Louise Erdrich, the narrator begins her detailed flashback in paragraph three. She states at the onset of that paragraph, "I owe her [her mother] my existence three times". The narrator then begins to recount in detail the three times her mother, Anna, saved her life. The first flashback consists of information gleaned from the newspaper story concerning her mother's accident. This accident resulted in both the death of her first husband, Harry Avalon, and her mother's still born child.

The flashback then continues as the narrator recounts the second time she thanked her mother for her existence. That occurs in paragraph seventeen, when she relates the tale of her mother meeting her father while Anna was in the hospital recovering from the trapeze accident. The reader is not told where the narrator got the information about her mother meeting her father in the hospital, but it would be safe to assume her mother relayed that story to her....

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