What five steps are necessary to effectively delegate and what is the role of a leader in each of these steps?

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Delegation in business is the act of sharing or transferring authority and responsibility for a given task to a subordinate. It is done for reasons ranging from employee empowerment to management efficiency and productivity. The five steps necessary for effective delegation and the manager’s role in them are: 

  1. Know what to delegate – The manager most be clear on what is being delegated and the expectations of the delegated task
  2. Decide who to delegate to- The manager most be selective on who tasks are delegated to and make sure that the individuals selected are qualified and up to the job
  3. Delegate – Appropriate level decision making authority should be granted as well as clear instructions and documentation
  4. Monitor-  Work should be supervised and feedback provided where necessary
  5. Dynamic – The delegation should be ongoing and corrections made where or when necessary. Work should be evaluated for efficiency, productivity and correctness and adjustments made when appropriate 

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