The leader is expected to play many roles & therefore he must be qualified to guide others to organizational achievement          

krishna-agrawala | Student

I believe the question is making an assertion that " a leader , in order to guide others to organizational achievement, must be able to play multiple role. This statement is very much correct. The various roles that an effective leader is required to play include:

  • A visionary who is able to visualise the possible worthwhile objectives and and the means to achieve these objectives. These should enable the group members to achieve their personal objectives while working for the achievement of the group objectives as well as the objectives of the organization of which the group is a part.
  • Assigning duties and responsibilities to
  • Motivating the group members to work effectively in accordance with these objectives and plans.
  • Developing capabilities of individual group members.
  • Developing good group working practices and interrelationships among group members.
  • Representing the group to the people and outside it and other groups to secure the inputs and support required for achieving group objectives, as well as to protect and promote interests of individual group members.
  • Acting as a facilitator of communication within the group as well as the communication across the group boundaries.
  • Resolving conflicts within the group and problem solving.
  • Monitoring and controlling the performance of the group.
  • Rewarding group members according to their performance.

Performance of these and other roles requires a wide range of skills and capabilities in effective leaders.