Which hero failed a challenge or test in Le Morte d'Arthur

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The biggest fail is that of Lancelot, who falls in love with Arthur's wife, Guenivere. Lancelot commits a triple sin: first, he is Arthur's best friend, sworn to protect the crown at all costs, including the bloodline. Second, lusting, even in one's heart, after the Queen is treason. Lancelot is tasked with protecting the Queen. He fails at this because he  is supposed to protect her from those who might hurt her, or who could call into question the paternity of any offspring. Third, in this newly and deeply Christian milieu, Lancelot has endangered his immortal soul- and has gone against chivalric code- by falling in love with Guenivere. 

Temptation is always around every corner; the trick, for the Christian hero at least, is to resist it.

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