The Rocking-Horse Winner Questions and Answers
by D. H. Lawrence

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Lawrence was a passionatley moral writer. Express concisely the important ideas you think he was tryng to communicate.

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In "The Rocking Horse Winner", Lawrence was concerned with the affect of materialism on a family and society in general. In the story, the love of money leads to death. In a letter to Rolf Gardiner, Lawrence once wrote, 

"Don't you live just to make money, either for yourself or for anybody else. Don't look on yourself as a wage slave. ..Repudiate the money idea.

D.H. Lawrence to Rolf Gardiner Dec. 18, 1927

In the story, Paul become a slave to money in order to please his mother. The only problem is that his mother can never be satisfied. The more money she has, the more money she wants. This leads Paul to exhaust himself to the point of death trying to find the winner of the National Derby. In spite of his death, his mother has to be reminded that her "poor devil of a son" is now dead but she is 80 thousand pounds richer.


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