What should I say in an essay on the idea that the law of marriage in Australia should be amended to allow homosexual couples to marry?

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pohnpei397 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

There are many points that you could bring up in an essay on this subject.  Among them are:

  • Equal rights.  You could argue that people should not be discriminated against simply because they want to marry someone of their same sex.  Gay marriage, you could say, is nothing more than a part of giving people equal rights.
  • Law should not be driven by religion.  This is a point you could make to refute one of the major arguments against gay marriage.  You could argue here that the main reason to ban such marriages is that they are against traditional Christian morals.  You could say that it is not right for the government to enforce the moral beliefs of a particular religion.
  • Gay marriage is actually good for society.  Here, you could argue that society benefits when people remain in committed relationships.  If family is the basis for society, shouldn't we want more people to be in stable families?  Allowing gay marriage would be a way to promote this.

If I were writing a 5 paragraph essay on this issue, these would be my three main arguments.

cheezea | Student

A point that is against it is: population growth will be lower? since with same-sex marriage couples cannot have children... when population growth is lower, it will affect the economy.

abcdefghijklmno | Student

THanks this really helped!!! i was wondering if you could give some points that are against same-sex marriage? as i have to provide points for the other side as well