Law makers Seeking cuts look at nonprofit salaries?please help ME!!! i need some information and opinions (hints) with this topic!!! I WILL REALLY APPRECIATE THAT!!! TANX

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

I think that more detail would be needed.  I think that you could probably find a great deal of information that talks about how non- profit organizations are feeling the pinch of the current economic crisis more than others.  The very idea that such organizations are dependent on others' benevolence or contributions might be heavily impacted by the recent economic challenges across the board.  Along these lines, you would be able to find how these organizations have had to cut back on staff and salaries of others in order to make do.  I am not sure if you can find direct requests from politicians and elected leaders to take away salaries of such individuals because that might be more of a public relations challenge.  Yet, the information that shows how lawmakers are hinting at reevaluation of non profit organization salaries is out there.  Vermont legislators are carefully wording such ideas and not trying to make themselves out to crush the non- profit organization, but seeking to maximize the use of fiscal resources in the process of reevaluation.  New Jersey's governor has advocate for the same procedure to be in place.