In law, is a hired Transporter an Agent of the Hirer?Can we possible impute the Transporters negligence on the Hirer?

bor | Student

Without any research, generally no. It is unlike what is formerly known as the Master-Servant relationship, employer- employee.

While at times the Master was responsible for the actions of an employee, called basically, Respondeat Superior, I believe this trend is outdated to a certain extent, of course, state specific.

Generally, the action would have to be within the "course and scope" of employment to impute liability to the Employer under a basic Law of Agency theory.

Third party agents are generally not representative of the hirer to establish a joint or several liability.

I can't be any more specific without research. I have read some cases in the past at the law library, but can not remember a definite outcome.

You can research some selected terms; Repondeat Superior; Law of Agency, + subcontractor; etc.

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