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Using the accounting terms standardized and harmonized:  which of these best describes the 10 Commandments from the Bible? The question relates to the ten commandments in the Bible and try to see it in an accounting view...

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In my opinion, the Ten Commandments are standardized rather than harmonized.

The reason I say this is because standardization imposes one set of rules on all realities.  It does not allow for different rules based on different economic situations the way harmonization does.

Because the commandments are standardized, they say "thou shalt not kill."  They do not say "thou shalt not kill, except in self-defense or if you are in a war."

Now, the way we understand them reflects harmonization.  We understand the commandment about killing in the second way, not in the literal, standardized way.

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krishna-agrawala | Student

The term standardisation of accounts refer to the prescribed and accepted practices for preparing and presenting accounting information in a way that promotes health of the company and balanced protection of interests of all the stake holders of the company. Thus standardisation is concerned with what is the right and wrong way of preparing and presenting accounts.

This kind of accounts standardisation is undertaken by every country or state independently. While this may be fine for the business confined to a single state or country, a need for common international code across all the countries of the world is felt in wake of increasing globalization. The attempt to standardize accounts across different countries is frequently referred as harmonization of accounts. Thus harmonization is more concerned with compatibility of accounting standards of different countries rather than the basic standards itself.

Based on the above explained difference between accounts standardization and harmonization, I believe that The Ten Commandments in the Bible are more like accounting standards that prescribe the right way of behaviour to secure the best interest of individual as well as the society. A person can follow and benefit from the Ten Commandments, without bothering to relate or harmonize these from any other guidelines that may exist elsewhere in the world.

The term harmonization will be better applicable to a common code of conduct that encompasses the basic principles of Ten Commandments and many other similar guidelines of personal conduct, although the language used to describe various principles may be different.