LAST MINUTE CLASS PRESIDENT SPEECH!!?IM IN 8th grade. please include things like fund raisers, sense of humor and how i can make my class better also being on the students side.

krystalce | Student


I think that it’s wonderful that you are becoming active in your school. A basic, yet effective, fundraiser could be a bake sale. A witty way to present this idea would be to say: Who doesn't love freshly baked cookies and cakes? You could also throw in the word deliciousness. Another good fundraiser could be a raffle. You could ask for donations from either fellow students or local businesses to be raffled away to the students who bought tickets.

I can’t quite say what you could do to improve your school because I don’t know what your school needs but I can offer some ideas. For cleanliness issues, you could petition for cleaner bathrooms or better soap. You could also make it mandatory for every classroom to have a bottle of hand sanitizer. An idea to make school fun would be for the last week of every month could be a “themed week.” Each day could have a different dress theme that people could come dressed as. For instance, you could have Monday as a cowboy theme with the students coming in with stirrup boots and/or a cowboy hat. Hope this helps.