Last chapter= in what ways does scout demonstrate sensivity and compassion in the previous and in the final chapter?

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I think a key moment for Scout is when she walks Boo Radley home.  Here is one of the key moments of her life so far.  She has been looking forward to this since she can remember.  But she handles it with compassion and class, just like Atticus would advise her.  Then as she drops him off at his house, she sees his window and puts herself in Boo's shoes, envisioning what it must have been like to watch the kids play their games and grow up and then finally need his help.  She is finally doing what Atticus has always encouraged her to do, put herself in someone else's shoes and try to see things from their point of view.  While Lee claims that the walk back from the Halloween pageant was one of the longest of their lives, I think the walk back to her house is another important journey, for it is in this walk that we see just how much Scout has grown from a naive, tom boy to a sensitive and compassionate young lady.

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