In the conclusion of July's People, where does Maureen run to and why?

Expert Answers
Karen P.L. Hardison eNotes educator| Certified Educator

The novel July's People ends with unanswered questions. One of these questions is "Where and what is Maureen running to?" The helicopter that flies over the village is unmarked and therefore unidentifiable. It may belong to white South African factions or it may belong to revolutionary native African South African forces. Maureen knows that to run after the helicopter could be running for a savior or running to a slayer. But still she runs.

What prompts Maureen to run? In her time in July's village, she has understood that the counterfeit dignity that she bestowed on July (Mwawate) according to her definition of dignity humiliated him because his dignity came from his identity as a African village man. He did what was best for his family and village. The fact that she made allowances for him when he would steal small articles from Maureen's home over the fifteen years that he worked for her was demeaning to him: Their ideas of human dignity didn't match. Maureen ran because she began to see life in a different way and it was a way that frightened her and made her run toward any fate other than more revelation.

dakshiroxx | Student

Maureen is devastated in har situvation! she is waiting to escape from this current situvation of been dipendent in their servant, The shift of power is a hard hit for the Smales for they were always the ruling party. It is har delirium that makes her run towards the forest. It is true that she hears the helicopter coming,what she waited for all that time but it does not confirm she ran towards the helicopter. When the novel begins Gordmer says that "People of delirim rise and sink, rise and sink, in and out of lucidity". Maureen is overwhelmed by the sound of har survivor, this created a mental confusion.

angelicbabe | Student

I think she's running because she hears the helicopter in the distance, she is so fed up of being in the village that any form of escape to civilisation would be welcomed by her. She wants to be saved from what she is living in because it is totally different from her pampered life. Notice throughout the novel she keeps asking Bam "when are we going to leave?" this illustrates her dissatisfaction with the village and living conditions that she has been reduced to.