All My Sons Questions and Answers
by Arthur Miller

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Is Larry's character the most important in the play, All My Sons? (For and against)

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Let's examine all of the characters in the play to determine their importance.

Larry is the son of Joe and Kate Keller. He used to date Ann Deever, who is now dating Larry's brother Chris. While Larry does not appear in the play, he is extremely important as many of the conflicts surround him. Kate holds on to hope that he is still alive, despite the fact that he has been Missing In Action for some years and is likely dead. Kate's inability to accept that Larry is gone causes her to not approve of the union between Ann and Chris. Larry's letter, read at the end of the play, propels Joe to face what he has done and commit suicide.

Joe could also be considered the most important character as he is the patriarch of the family and the one who sold the faulty cylinder heads. He allowed his partner Steve to take the fall for him, which results in Steve going to jail and his children (Ann and George) cutting communication with him.

Chris also has an affect on the events in the play, as he...

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