In the largest Protestant denomination and in the Southern Baptist Convention what are some of the crises happening?   What are some of the causes of these continuing disputes?

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mwestwood eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In the three days in Nashville, Tennessee, that the Southern Baptist Convention met the theology on homosexuality has not changed; that is, homosexuality is immoral. However, there was an admission that the world has changed its perspective on LGBT, therefore, there were discussions about how Christians can negotiate their beliefs in order to adjust to modernity.

Albert Mohler, President of the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, said,

“I believe that a Biblical theological understanding, a robust Biblical theology, would point to us that human sexual affective profiles — that who we are sexually — is far more deeply rooted than just the ‘will,’ if that were so easy.”

Indeed, this is a change in position for such conservative Christians. But, the numbers of church attendees has been declining, and religious leaders are seeking solutions to such a problem. Some feel that it is better to demonstrate Christian love toward LGBT rather than totally reject them. Certainly, there was also an admission that churches exert less of an influence upon society than in the past, and this problem was addressed with the words of Mohler.

Also among Evangelical Christians there is renewed support for Zionism. Pastor John Hagee, who is the national chairman of Christians United for Israel reaffirmed support, stating it is in a more aggressive mode. Still another topic of discussion involved the repression of free speech on the pulpit as efforts by the IRS and other government agencies pose a threat to prohibit conversations about abortion and other religious issues.

pmgomez eNotes educator| Certified Educator

Currently in the Southern Baptist Convention and largest protestant denomination there are disputes regarding same-sex marriage, the supposed destruction of scholarly articles on Christianity and many more. In this comment I will discuss same-sex marriage and the destruction of scholarly articles in greater depth while attaching links to articles which may be of use to your research.

Same-sex marriage
There are people within the religious community like Brandan Robertson who state that they support the pro-gay movement even if they themselves aren't gay. One of the reasons he says is because "Every megachurch in our country [United States] is declining in numbers." Others state that denying these people of the right to marriage would go against the belief that God is infinitely loving and that all men are made equal.

Destruction of Articles on Christianity
ISIS has advanced in Syria and Iraq and some of the most ancient Christian communities have been wiped out together with religious documents. Information is being lost. More information can be gained from the Huffington Post article attached.