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If a large meteor headed for the Earth were noticed in time, say 10 years ahead, how could we safely get rid of it?

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We can't have a direct assumption on how to get rid of it.  All the recent researches and procedures can be done in order to lessen the probability or chance of hit. Meteors often decrease in diameter as they travel in space. They can even be broken down into pieces. There are ways that can be done in order lessen the chance of hit and casualties. The main goal in this problem is to change the path that the meteor is taking current so as to miss the earth. Secondly, bombarding the meteor strongly enough to break it down to smaller pieces. Recently, a new asteroid was discovered to hit the earth by 2027. Space scientists are developing a way to bombard the asteroid so as to destroy it completely or just to change its direction. The second option seems to be very hard but the seen to be possible.


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