In Langston Hughes poems, "Dream Variation", "Harlem", and "Let America Be America Again" what is the similar dream shared in the poems?

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Hughes has a consistent theme of freedom and equality in much of his poetry, and that theme is evident in these three poems.  He speaks of dreams, and the common dream that he shares in these poems is his dream to one day be equal, to be able to walk tall and proud with all other humans on this earth, even if he is black.  In "Dream Variations" this sentiment is expressed through these lines:

"That is my dream!/To fling my arms wide/In the face of the sun,/Dance! Whirl! Whirl!/Till the quick day is done./Rest at pale evening . . ./A tall, slim tree . . . /Night coming tenderly/Black like me."

He desires to be able to, in the sunshine...

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