In Lahore; Chapter 8(139) Later, how does Changez try to ease the American’s mind? 

Expert Answers
Ashley Kannan eNotes educator| Certified Educator

In chapter 8, most of how Changez tries to ease the American's mind is done through food.  Changez talks about the savoury aroma of the chicken dish they have ordered which is filling the restaurant.  Changez also speaks of decorum when their food arrives.  Changez gives food eating instructions to the American.  One such instruction is not to eat anything raw in the fear of an upset stomach.  Changez also speaks to how the overall quality of the food is so good and something from which fear should be removed.  Changez puts the American's mind at ease to this point by sampling each dish to help allay any potential fears that might be present.  Changez's emphasis on food might be more deliberate than anything else.  Changez recognizes that the emotional timbre of their discussions have been one filled with how America is changing and how Changez feels he has no place within it.  At the same time, Changez recognizes how the American is contacted punctually as to his whereabouts, feeding the idea that the American is on a mission." The discussion of food is one in which there is relatively less tension and intensity of emotions and Changez's pivot towards it might be an way to defuse some of the tension that has developed in the course of their discussion.