In Macbeth, what is Lady Macbeth's mental state at the beginning of Act II, scene ii?

Expert Answers
amswain1 eNotes educator| Certified Educator

From the beginning of the play Lady Macbeth has been a strong and confident character. She planned the murder and manipulated her husband into committing it by reassuring him of their success.  At the beginning of the scene, we begin to see a change in Lady Macbeth. She is no longer as confident as she was when she beseeched the spirits to allow her to be cruel.

Lady Macbeth is a bundle of emotions at this point. Her confidence is still evident, but it is now mixed with nervousness and anticipation. She is no longer convinced of their success. She begins to worry that Macbeth has not completed the deed:“’tis not done.” She even hears sounds and becomes frightened by the screech of an owl and Macbeth's voice. Her short exchange with Macbeth also betrays her nervousness. She is anxious about the outcome of the murder.