Lachlan Macquarie!!!urjent 1) How did he treat Aboriginals while he was the 5th governor of New South Wales? 2) and about himself like who was his wife, when he died, and a little about his family.

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Governor Lachlan Macquarie was very invested in the welfare of the Aboriginals. He was very friendly with them and even organized a school for Aboriginal children. It was called the Native Institution. He also hosted an annual feast in the Parramatta market place where he distributed food, drink, and clothing to the Aboriginals. During this feast he told them his plans for Christianization and civilization.

In 1816 he published a set of regulations stating that Aborigines were not to appear armed within a mile of any settlement or farm but those Aboriginal peoples who desired British protection and who conducted themselves in a suitable manner were to be supplied with a "Passport or Certificate" signed by the Governor.

He was considered to have played a major role in the shaping of Australia. This is because he helped transition New South Wales from a penal colony into a free settlement.

He had a wife named Jane jarvis but she died of tuberculosis not long after they were married. He later married a woman named Elizabeth Campbell. She bore him a daughter who died the same year. She later had a son named Lachlan. He died in 1824.

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