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 Is the quote, "labor unions are dinosaurs that have outlived their usefulness in today's knowledge-based economy," a valid judgement on the issue of organized labor today?

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As the question regarding the continued legitimacy or need for labor unions did not specify a country, it will be assumedfor the purposes of responding that the focus is intended to be on the United States.  Support for the right of workers to organize in many less-developed countries remains an appropriate priority of U.S. foreign policy, as the conditions that fueled the growth of organized labor in the United States remain very much alive in much of the developing world.

The history of organized labor in the United States is one of systemic abuse of workers in terms of dangerous working conditions, excessive hours without appropriate compensation, and the use of children as inexpensive labor.  As labor unions gained in strength during the 20th Century, they became major factors in the economy at both the micro- and macroeconomic levels, and an...

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