The lab procedure that uses antibodies to identify particular molecules is called: (Select one) A) Western blottingB) DNA fingerprintingC) Protein gel electrophoresisD) Myosin light chain variation

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jerichorayel eNotes educator| Certified Educator

To better solve this problem, let us first define the choices given below. 

DNA fingerprinting or DNA profiling is a method used by scientist in order to determine the genetic make-up of a particular individual. It is not about the use of antibodies so it is not the answer. 

Myosin light chain variation is obviously cannot be the answer since it focuses on the usage of myosin. 

Protein gel electrophoresis is a method of analysing protein in a liquid extract. This cannot be the answer since it is considered a preliminary method in determining the protein samples. For example, a western blot technique uses protein gel electrophoresis in order to selectively separate proteins.

This will lead us to Western blotting. This method is a widely accepted technique to detect specific molecules in a given sample extract. Antibodies are used in order to detect a specific protein by targeting it.

Answer:  A) Western blotting